Customer Support

A build-your-own
help center

Create and customize your own e-commerce support tooling and solutions. Flexible pricing.

Help Center Features

Connect to a "Datasource"

Easily link information from 3PLs to fetch order and shipping information.

Build a Support Flow

Link pages (i.e. order status page) and steps (i.e. fetch order status).

Customize Your Page

Drag and drop images, text, and buttons to create your pages (i.e. order status page).

Configure your Step

Customize your API calls (i.e. fetch order status).


$0 / month
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  • Customizable FAQ page
  • Build an unlimited Knowledge Base


$25 / month
  • Per-item-page FAQ's
  • Customized look and appearance of pages
  • View customer context and order history next to any support ticket
  • Easily search through past support tickets
  • Integrate FAQ into click-through chat box
  • Automate your customer support by building your own workflows